Womb Maze Kaibutsu
Corrupted Purity

The Womb Maze Kaibutsu (胎内迷宮怪物) is a special chaser from the Womb Maze. It is calm initially, but becomes aggressive when any calm Kaibutsu is attacked. However, to trigger its special effect the player has to hit exactly this Kaibutsu with the Iron Pipe.


There is a special area in the Womb Maze, the Purity. It is white and foggy, and the sleeping tune plays here, providing a calm atmosphere. There are three teleports here: the black and white ones lead back to the maze, the black one teleports the player to the second area of the Purity.

The second area is quiet, and the screen here is covered in red noise instead of white fog. The Womb Maze Kaibutsu wanders this area. Attacking it when it is calm causes it to become aggressive, and the teleport in this area, as well as all teleports to the Purity, now leads to the corrupted Purity.

The corrupted Purity contains six Fetuses that are visible to Sabitsuki. They disable any effect she equips, and chase her even if she turns into a Ghost. There are also two aggressive Kaibutsu here, they do react to the effects properly. The screen is covered in red, but a strange noise can also be heard here. There are weird white things here, and many holes in the ground through which eyes and mouths can be seen. There are two teleports back to the Womb Maze, but the Purity teleport is disabled, so Sabitsuki cannot go further into this area anymore.

This event cannot be seen as Rust. When she visits the second Purity area, there are 3 Fetuses and no Kaibutsu. The Purity goes back to normal and calm when Sabitsuki wakes up.


  • This is one of two areas where Sabitsuki can encounter Fetuses without becoming Rust.


  • It is possible this place represents the spread of a virus, since it is initially calm and looks healthy before hitting the Kaibutsu, after which it becomes rusted and looks unhealthy.