White World

This world isn't nessecary to visit, as it doesn't house any effects. What it does hold, however, is a few reveals.

It is a simple white world with phone poles sticking out of the ground, and blood puddles scattered around. The bloody children of the hospital march along, except for six that stand around the body of a Black-Haired Girl from the Flesh Walls area.

There is an elevator that leads to a hospital level similar to the Alleyway Hospital's, but there are less dead children. The first room is unoccupied, but the second room has a Black-Haired Girl in a bed.


Connecting Areas


  • All the children walk only one way.
  • The blood puddles on the ground function similar to the ones in the Puddle World of Yume Nikki.
  • Just like with the Children's Hospital, a Kaibutsu laugh can be heard from time to time in the halls


  • This world supports the theory that the Black-Haired Girl may be Sabitsuki's mother.