White Room
The White Room

The White Room (白い部屋) is a series of randomly changing areas, themed like a hospital.

While in the White Room, the player can go through the doorway, which leads to one of the three versions of the White Crossroad (白い十字路). Depending on the direction chosen by the player, the crossroads lead either to the Bloody Passage (回路血液通路↑) or to the Corridor Bedroom (回路寝室).

Each time the player goes into the crossroads, the Corridor random variable changes to a random number from 0 to 2. If the variable is at 0, the player will be teleported to White Crossroad 1. If the variable is at 1, the player ends up in White Crossroad 2, and the variable at 2 results in White Crossroad 3.

In each of these crossroad areas, a single direction leads to the Bloody Passage, while the other ones teleport the player back into crossroads. Each subsequent teleport adds 1 point to the Corridor counter, and when this counter is at 3, the player will be teleported to the Corridor Bedroom instead.

In White Crossroad 1, the north way leads to the Bloody Passage. In White Crossroad 2, going left results in the Bloody Passage, and in White Crossroad 3, the right path teleports to the Bloody Passage. With this in mind, the best way to get to the Corridor Bedroom is to constantly choose the south path.

The Bloody Passage is a room with a doorway that leads to the Blood Maze. Going into this doorway resets the Corridor counter, and going back to the crossroads teleports the player to the White Room instead, resetting the counter as well.

The Corridor Bedroom contains a broken piece of machinery, a monitor on the wall, and an occupied bed. If this room is visited by Rust, a single Fetus will wander around here. By interacting with the monitor, the player will be teleported to the TV area of the Submarine World, while resetting the Corridor counter and setting the TV switch to the Green Electric World, which can be accessed by interacting with the large screen in that area. It is impossible to go back to the White Room from the Submarine World. By going back from the Corridor Bedroom to the crossroads, the player will end up in the White Room instead, and the Corridor counter will be set to 0.


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Connecting Areas


  • "回路血液通路↑" is literally translated as "Blood Circuit Passage". 回路 might be a misspelling of 回廊, which means "corridor", since one is read as "kairo", and the other is "kairō".


  • This might have been a small clinic, in comparison to the Hospital, and this might be the first hospital Sabitsuki visited.


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