Bloody Room
Oh this looks pleasant

The Bloody Room is a place in which a grisly event takes place. It is nothing but a simple white room completely covered in blood and one door. When you attempt to go near the door any effect you have on will be canceled with red static. As you reach the door there will be a slight red haze as Sabitsuki shakes her head refusing to enter the room. As you turn around to leave red haze fills the screen as Sabitsuki clutches her head as it starts to bleed. Then she collapses and as the view zooms in on her you wake up.


The bloody room is gotten to by way of a giant mass of slime in the sewers which can be lead to by a mass of different ways. The important thing is that you reach the area with the weird green slime. You must then make the slime change colors (see picture). To do this climb the ladder on the right into the pipe. Go over to the north end, you will see a grate gushing water. Enter and exit the pipe, and keep doing this until you see a second grate. Interact with the grate, then go back to the slime.

Next you must interact with the slime. You will need to interact with it in a certain spot, this may take a little while but as long as you do not leave the area you will find it.

Before - Sewer Pipes - After


  • After the event takes place and you wake up you'll notice blood all over your computer's keyboard.
  • You can actually see what is behind the door, as Rust, however the door is accessed from a different location.
  • Sabitsuki actually gives off a smile just before she collapses and dies.


  • Though you'll never see what is inside the other room as Sabitsuki, it is believed it must be horrifying enough that it causes both emotional and physical pain to her.