The Whistle Effect

The Whistle (ホイッスル) effect allows Sabitsuki to manipulate the movement of NPCs. When the whistle is blown all moveable NPCs move in the direction Sabitsuki is facing.

The Whistle effect can be found in the Flesh Walls World. You don't need to kill the Onigo blocking the doorway, it is possible to get behind her and go through the door.


Follow the Viscera Effect directions to get to Flesh Walls. Once inside, go left and you'll see a girl standing at a door. Go through it. There should be a whistle on the floor in this room you can pick up.

Video Directions


  • When moved with the Whistle, some NPCs change their appearance. Calm Kaibutsu look like aggressive ones, and Onigo look like they are about to decay.


  • None