Wastewater Lake
Wastewater Lake map

The Wastewater Lake (廃水湖) is a large area with two separate mazes. There are twinkling pink lights in the water, along with rubble and pipes, and what appears to be red and purple creatures. This world houses the Slime effect.

The northern maze is accessible through the Sewers. By interacting with the brown creature on the west, the player will be sent to a small room, from which they can exit into the Music World. Interacting with a lamp post on the east teleports the player to the Neighborhood. Touching slime on the south grants Sabitsuki the Slime effect. There are two Fetuses in this part of the maze when it is visited by Rust.

The southern maze is accessible through the Reverse Apartments. Going into the elevator on the east leads back to the Reverse Apartments. By interacting with a student on the west the player will be teleported to the School. Touching the moving orange star closer to the center transports the player to the Orange Passage. There are three Fetuses here when Rust comes to this part of the maze.


Connecting Areas


  • The red creature on the north has a single red eye which is open or closed depending on a variable that is randomized each time the player goes into flow.


  • None yet