Walk Through Walls


This glitch disables your collision, and allows you to pass through walls. If you are familiar with this glitch in Yume Nikki it is very similar, but does have a catch to it.

How to Perform:

  1. Enter a chair and Open the Menu in the Chair or use Chair Storage
  2. Equip one of the following effects
  3. Exit the chair and hold shift


  • Using the chair inside your room does work, however going into any of the 4 nexus locations will restore collision. To avoid this we want to use Chair Storage and a chair other than the chair in the room.
  • Walk in areas will be inaccessible normally, but using the action key one space away will make you enter the area, but will also restore collision.
  • Entering seats from inside a wall can lock you in place, and can softlock the game if you have Chair Storage as well.
  • Another method of this exists and can be done by doing Steal The Chair

Video link: Walk Through Walls