Walk Through Walls

The Walk Through Walls glitch disables Sabitsuki's collision, allowing the player to pass through walls by using the Chair Storage.

This glitch prevents the player from travelling between areas normally, but interacting one space away from the teleporting section will allow the player to enter an area, while also restoring collision.

Using the chair in Sabitsuki's Room does work, but going into any of the worlds available from the Entrance will restore collision. This can be avoided by getting Chair Storage and using a chair other than the one in the room.

Entering seats from inside a wall can lock the player in place, and can softlock the game if they have Chair Storage as well.

Enabling the glitch

  1. Open the Chair Menu or use Chair Storage;
  2. Equip one of the following effects:
  3. Exit the chair and hold down the Shift button.

There is an alternative way to enable this glitch, which can be used with no effect equipped, or in the waking world:

  1. Enter the chair as in the Chair Menu glitch, but do not open the menu;
  2. Exit the chair and hold down the Shift button.



  • Using this glitch in the waking world allows the player to reach the Debug Room without modding the game. To be teleported there, the player has to take one step inside the wall in the spot to the right of the door in Sabitsuki's Room in the waking world, and interact with the wall.
  • The Steal the Chair glitch can also be used to disable collision.