Vomitgirl Area
The Vomitgirl Area

The Vomitgirl Area is a region released in version 0.19. It is accessed through a maid in the third room of the Sweet Sugar's left wing, the correct room is indicated by the lack of music. There are no Effects in this area.

This area plays a rather disturbing background music, and is full of giant white female figures as well as the hospital girls and dead maids that can be found in the warehouse of Sweet Sugar. The maid who transports Sabitsuki here can be found among the maze to transport her back to the warehouse; another transport point is a white hole in the ground which leads to a giant statue.

To enable travel to this area, you must first eat five 300 yen meals at the Sugar Hole. An easy way to farm for yen is killing the Black-Haired Girls located in the hidden passage of the Flesh Walls World (the same area you must cross to witness the Dying Girls Event).

Afterwards, you must speak to the maid in the Sweet Sugar. If she does not teleport you there, she will only fill the screen with a close-up picture of her face. However, you may continue interacting with her until the orifice on her face begins to swell up.

At the end of the area, you will find a white hole leading to a giant statue. At the top of the statue is a mysterious girl whom you cannot interact with.


Entrance > Dysmorphic World > Footprint Path > Rainbow Maze > Psychedelic Town > Sweet Sugar > Vomitgirl Area

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  • The Vomitgirl Area is named for a file in .flow's Picture folder labeled "vomitgirl".
  • This area plays up the theme of prostitution that Sweet Sugar introduced in earlier versions.


  • None