Hole in girl
hole in girl

The hole in girl area is a region released in version 0.19. It is accessed through interacting with a maid in the third room of Sweet Sugar's left wing, the correct room is indicated by the lack of background music. There are no effects in this area.

This area plays a rather disturbing background music, and houses four giant white female statues, as well as the bodies of maids and girls clad in white, like those found in the warehouse of Sweet Sugar. There are three black creatures with neon signs, and a maid, who transports Sabitsuki to the warehouse upon interacting with her. Another transportation point is a white hole in the ground which leads to the vomitgirl area.

To enable travel to this area, Sabitsuki must first eat five 300 yen meals at the Sugar Hole.1 Afterwards, the player has to interact with the maid in the Sweet Sugar. If she does not teleport Sabitsuki there, she will only fill the screen with a close-up picture of her face. The player can continue interacting with her, and after the orifice on her face to swells up, Sabitsuki will be teleported to the hole in girl area.

The vomitgirl area is a small room which contains a single giant female statue. Interacting with her face teleports the player to a Path (道) which leads to the hill. On the right, near the very edge stands a girl in yellow dress. It is impossible to reach her because of white statue arms blocking the path, and she is not programmed to interact with Sabitsuki should the player somehow glitch their way through.


Connecting Areas


  • The "hole in girl", "vomitgirl" and "hill" rooms are named in English in the game files.


  • This area plays up the theme of prostitution that Sweet Sugar introduced in earlier game versions.