The Viscera Effect

The Viscera (ないぞう) effect makes Sabitsuki's intestines to spill forth from her stomach. Pressing the action button will make her attempt to put them back in to no avail.

The Viscera effect can be found in the Womb Maze by interacting with an Onigo's body.


Entrance > Music World > Connecting Tile Path > White Room > Blood Maze > Insides > Visceral World > Womb Maze

Starting from the Womb Maze's area 2, go through the southern doorway, then through the eastern doorway, then to the western doorway. There is a teleporter in front of that one, you have to walk through it from below, then go around it in the new area and walk through it from below once more, you will reappear in front of the doorway. Continue on the narrow path into the new area, then walk to the north of the last room you reached. Interact with Onigo's body to get the effect.

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