The Uniform Effect

The Uniform (せいふく) Effect dresses Sabitsuki in a school girl uniform similar to the Kaibutsu. This effect is purely cosmetic and does not have any special ability. It can be found in the School on the bottom level, in the leftmost classroom, by interacting with the Kaibutsu in the circle of desks.


Entrance > Dysmorphic World > Footprint Path > Rainbow Maze > Psychedelic Town Harbour > Sewers > Sugar Hole > Sewers > Wastewater Lake > Neighborhood > School

Follow the Tattoo Effect to know how to get to the school.

Once you get into the school, go past the entrance hall with the two Kaibutsu. Go right to the door at the bottom. Find the staircase and go down once. Go right, and exit from the door. Go to the middle of the area where a door and the staircase are across from each other (The door in the middle of the two student NPC).
Go in the door, not the staircase. You should find yourself in a large classroom with a bunch of desks and two girl NPC. Maneuver through the desks to get the door on the far left. This is possible, and a little tricky but the goal is to go behind the two large gray boxes.

There should be a Sabitsuki grinning with a uniform that will give you the effect when you interact with her.

Video Directions


  • The giver of this effect is a smiling Sabitsuki not unlike that of Kaibutsu!Sabitsuki.


  • This effect could just simply be the actual uniform that was worn at a school that Sabitsuki attended.
  • The Kaibutsu that gives you the effect looks similar to Sabitsuki. This could link in with the theory that Sabitsuki's eventual end will be a Kaibutsu.
    • Especially since one of the endings has her grin like this Sabitsuki right before she attacks the Cleaner.