Underwater Temple
A room of the underwater maze

A maze area found in the Underwater area.

It has lots of strange patterns, markings and such things on the walls and floor.



  • Before the door to the Dark Corridors there is a "print" of Sabitsuki on the wall.
  • There is a Uboa marking in a dead end room.
  • Several markings resemble the Hovering Screens.
  • If a Kaibutsu teleports you to an inescapable part of the temple, the music is slower, making it more ominous and creepier.
  • The music resembles footsteps and a breath.


  • The Uboa may imply Sabitsuki may have some connection with Madotsuki, the main protagonist in the original Yume Nikki, or rather possibly furthering the theory that Madotsuki is a psychic and is able to enter another's dreams, and may have drawn that in Sabitsuki's dream, of course the game is fanmade so that can only be from fan speculation