The Television Effect

The Television effect turns Sabitsuki's head into a television set. Like many other effects, it is entirely cosmetic and does not give Sabitsuki any powers. The television effect is found in the basement of the ruins in the Famicom World.


Left in the nexus, then from there, go southeast till you find a small house. Go in and down the stairs. Ignore the elevator, and just keep going right till you go up the stairs. Continue going right (up) till you find a box floating in the middle of the rooftop. Click it then take the path on the left. Continue upwards till you find a vent surrounded by some beds. Go on it and you'll be in Famicon World.

There should be a path to the east that you can maneuver through the trees for. Take some time to find it! (It's not anywhere near the witch's house! In fact, it's near a well with a string going down that does nothing. East of that.) Keep going right till you hit a different area. Go right, then down and there should be gray patches on a piece of land that sticks out. Go on that and you should teleport to a place with new music and boxes. Go left of the boxes, and go down the stairs.

You are now in the Ruins! Follow these carefully: go to the only other staircase in there, bottom left, right, and there should be a television in the middle!

Video Directions


  • In Ver. 15, there are unused sprites for the television switched on.
  • The effect is テレビ in Japanese.
  • In certain place the television shows white curl and laughs if you try to turn it off.
  • Image on the TV is gray square if there is an uncollected effect nearby. Image is Rust face close-up if an Empty Box is nearby.


  • None