Part of the Town.

The Town (街) is an area accessible from the Hole added in version 0.19. In comprises a series of streets lit by tall, yellow streetlamps and surrounded by brick walls. There are blood splatters throughout the area as well as some illegible posters. This area does not appear to have any buildings, and is more like a network of alleyways.

Throughout the streets, brown ghost-like creatures with holes for faces can be seen, either standing still facing forward (the larger variety) or wandering back and forth (the smaller variety), as well as what appears to be thin, pregnant women with black hair and red bodies. All of them can be killed with the Iron Pipe, but stand still when the Handgun is shot, and move toward Sabitsuki when the Whistle is used. A few emaciated corpses are scattered around the area. They can be hit repeatedly with the Iron Pipe, but do not give any money. There are two Fetuses in the main area when it is visited by Rust.

The top-rightmost exit leads to the dumpster area of the Hole, where the Handgun is found. Prior to version 0.19, the dumpster area was directly accessible from the Hole.

The pregnant NPCs in the accident area.

Accident Room

The top left door leads to a hallway where the music changes. Proceeding down the hallway will cause the screen to darken, and eventually lead to yet another room. The final room heavily depends on the Town random event (街ランダムイベント乱数) variable that is set from 0 to 10 each time Sabitsuki passes through the hallway. It contains an area usually blocked off by cones, possibly the site of an accident. The opposite side is usually empty, save for a few bloodstains on the pavement. A number of random encounters can happen here:

  • At variable 1, a Cleaner with a bloody chainsaw will be on the other side, standing still.
  • At variable 2, a Kaibutsu will be on the other side, beating a red pile with a pipe.
  • At variable 3, approaching the cones will make a large brown creature appear near the exit from this area. It behaves like similar NPCs, but disappears when the player comes back to the main area.
  • At variable 4, three of the pregnant NPCs will be on the other side, surrounding a bonfire.
  • At variable 5, a black creature like those seen in Psychedelic Town stands on the other side, but runs away when Sabitsuki approaches.
  • At variable 6, approaching the cones will make a large brown creature appear near the exit from this area. It is undulating in a manner similar to the distorted maid in Sweet Sugar, and it is impossible to interact with it. It disappears when the player comes back to the main area.
  • At variable 10, the traffic cones are gone and the player can proceed into the room, but reaching its center will make a large brown creature spawn and triggers the Alleyway Chase.
Sabitsuki after exiting the labyrinth.

Alleyway Chase

It is advisable to have the Broom effect unlocked before triggering this event, as it requires navigating around chasers in narrow passageways.

Once the cones are gone, the player can investigate the previously inaccessible area of the Accident Room. However, once Sabitsuki tries to leave, a brown creature appears suddenly from the right passageway and knocks her out. It is too fast to avoid, and it does not react to any effects. When Rust triggers this event, she kills the chaser with the Iron Pipe if she has been damaged by less than 5 Fetuses, and is knocked out if she has been damaged by more than 5 Fetuses.

Sabitsuki wakes up on the pavement in a new maze-like part of Town with no effects equipped. This labyrinth has no streetlamps or posters to be seen, and only a few blood splatters on the wall. It is filled with brown creatures who chase Sabitsuki and knock her out if she is hit by them, returning her to the start of the maze and dequipping any effect. They are not affected by any effects. However, when Rust is in the maze, the chasers step away from her.

The only way to exit the maze is through a door located due south of the spot Sabitsuki starts in. Once she enters, the screen fades to black, and Sabitsuki is next seen exiting the previously locked door in the bottom-left of the Town. Her face is overcast, and she has the Iron Pipe equipped. Rust comes out of the door in a severely damaged state, with only 1 Fetus attack left before she is forced to wake up. It is impossible to come back through this door.


Connecting Areas


  • The pregnant women NPCs don't have forward-facing sprites. They only walk side to side.
  • Sabitsuki will have the Iron Pipe effect equipped after the Alleyway Chase event regardless of whether the player has unlocked it. Thus, this event could be used as a second way to unlock the Iron Pipe.
  • When Rust hits the chaser in the Accident Room, she keeps the pipe. Her sprite changes to Sabitsuki's sprite with Iron Pipe equipped, but she cannot put it on her shoulder or do anything with it. The pipe disappears and Rust reverts to her normal appearance once she leaves the room.


  • Previously, it was speculated that a murder or a similar accident happened in the Hospital, due to the Handgun being found near it and the Hole being less eventful. With the addition of the Town it may be possible that the Handgun is unrelated to the Hospital, and belongs to this area instead.