Sweet Sugar
Sweet Sugar

Sweet Sugar is a love hotel located in Psychedelic Town. It is the only accessible building in that area.

By entering the building, the player arrives at the reception room. There are two black creatures present in this room, and a maid stands at the reception desk. By choosing the doorway on the right, the player will go to the toilet rooms. By going left, the player will arrive at the hallway.

Sabitsuki refuses to go to the men's toilet, but can enter the female room. She can use one of the stalls, the other is permanently locked, but Sabitsuki can knock on its door, which then forces her to wake up. There is also a mirror in this room, by interacting with it the player can see a close up of Sabitsuki's reflection. Normally, Sabitsuki does not have a reflection when she just goes close to the mirror, but Rust does have it, and the mirror shows the Inner Demon. Rust also has a close up reflection, and it is slightly different than Sabitsuki's.

The hallway contains five doors, one of them is guarded by a black creature. This creature does not react to Handgun or Whistle effects, but it is possible to kill it by using the Iron Pipe effect, and the creature will not respawn afterwards. The leftmost room contains a sofa on which Sabitsuki can sit, and a maid. The next room also has a sofa and a maid, but there is also a black creature present.

The third room in the hallway looks exactly like the first one, but the maid of this room does not react to a warning shot from the Handgun, and can teleport the player to the hole in girl area. To be teleported, Sabitsuki has to eat 5 cakes at the Sugar Hole prior to interacting with the maid. When interacted with, the maid fills the screen with a close up of her face showing a black hole in it. There is a 1 in 5 chance that the hole will spread further, the screen will turn black, and the player will be teleported.

The fourth room contains a sofa, and there is a maid lying on the bed. The farthest room from the hallway entrance is the warehouse (倉庫). It contains two rooms, the farthest is inaccessible, but it is possible to interact with the door to hear female screams. The other door leads to the room with several females lying on the floor.


Connecting Areas


  • This is one of the few maps originally named in English.
  • The maids of this hotel react to a warning shot from the Handgun by shivering.
  • Contrary to popular belief, killing the black creature in the hallway and looking at the female bodies in the warehouse does not increase the chance to be teleported to the hole in girl area.
  • There is a room called Reminiscence (昔話) in the game files, which has no doors, an uninteractable sofa, a bed with blood splatter on it, and two maids. They do not react to any of the effects, but one of them teleports the player to the third room of the hallway. It is unknown if there is a way to reach that room.
  • Oddly, when Sabitsuki (or Rust) has a closeup reflection in the mirror, she's shown to be apparently topless. Why this is exactly isn't known.


  • Coupled with the hole in girl area, this location is associated with prostitution. Sweet Sugar might be a place where such business could be conducted.
  • It can be speculated that Sabitsuki may have been born in the Reminiscence room, or that a woman was attacked there. If Sabitsuki was a prostitute, then she may have had a back-alley abortion or was assaulted there.