Sunset map

The Sunset (落日) is a pure white world with puddles all over the ground and plenty of utility poles. Hospital children march along, except for the six near the body of an Onigo. There are four Fetuses when this area is visited by Rust.

The player can reach this area through the maze of Illusionary Corridors. The simple black door leads back to that area, and the monochrome elevator leads to the Back Ward, but in past (裏病棟過去).

More precisely, it is the past version of the Parade Ward. The place is brightly lit, and there are no dead children, although the living do look unhealthy. There are also a couple of Fetuses waiting for Rust. The same room that houses little Sabitsuki in the present version of this place is a vacant room (空室) here. It is possible to climb into bed.

However, there is another room here. The entrance to it is in the same spot as the red orifice in the present Parade Ward. This room contains a single bed which is occupied by a pregnant woman (妊婦).

This world does not house any effects.


Connecting Areas


  • All the children walk only one way.
    • They stop walking if an obstacle blocks their way: a utility pole, the elevator, or Sabitsuki.
    • They also do not react to the Whistle or Handgun, but can be killed with the Iron Pipe.
  • Just like in the Parade Ward, a Kaibutsu laugh can be heard from time to time in the hall.


  • Since the bloody orifice in the Parade Ward leads Rust into the Blood, Pus, Rust room, which in turn leads to a version of the Childbirth event, where a giant Onigo has her stomach cut, it might imply that the pregnant woman and this eviscerated woman are the same.
  • It is possible that the room of the pregnant woman is still there in the present Parade Ward, but it is associated with something too shocking for Sabitsuki, so she suppressed it in her flow.
  • Parades involve marching people, so maybe this place is why the Parade Ward is named like that.


Back_Ward_Past.png Vacant_room.png Pregnant_woman.png
Back Ward (past) Vacant room Pregnant woman