Sugar Hole Kaibutsu
The Sugar Hole Kaibutsu

The Sugar Hole Kaibutsu (sugarhole:怪物) is a special Kaibutsu found in the Sugar Hole bar.

Each time the player flows, there is a chance that a Kaibutsu will appear in the Sugar Hole. If it is not there, the player has to wake up and flow again to see it. The Kaibutsu will not appear when the player controls Rust.

This Kaibutsu does not react to most effects, it just sits calmly while idly sipping on its drink. When Sabitsuki equips the Iron Pipe, it stops drinking, and if she attacks it, the Kaibutsu will counterattack. It then laughs and hits her once more, and the screen goes dark. Some dragging sounds are heard, and then Sabitsuki's maimed body is seen in the dark, and as the door closes, she wakes up in her room.

This event increases the Erosion Counter by 15 points each time it is triggered.



  • If the Sugar Hole Kaibutsu is not present in the bar, the stool it sits on is also absent.
  • This Kaibutsu's name is taken form the variable that controls its drinking animation.


  • The last scene might represent this: the Cleaner or the Kaibutsu took Sabitsuki outside and left her there.