Sugar Hole
The front bar area of the Sugar Hole
The back area of the Sugar Hole

The Sugar Hole is the name of a bar in which you can get a drink and eat cake served to you by a Cleaner.

The man in black will always give you yen if you hit him but be wary of the Sugar Hole Kaibutsu who is sometimes there, hitting him may be rather unpleasant

You can get to the Sugar Hole by two ways either going through the Sewers or by the Apartments. If you have the Cat effect you may sneak under the counter to easily get to the back room.

In the back room is another gas masked maid and a painting which if you touch transports you into it. It is full of rusted pipes and does have some Kaibutsu that will chase you here. The Daruma effect can be found here by interacting with the chainsaw next to the maid there. To go back to the bar's back room just exit through the door here.



  • At the cost of 100 yen you can sit down and order a drink, at the price of 300 yen you can a get cake with your drink.
  • You can also get the sugar menu as you go and eat there more often.


  • This could have been one of the first locations Sabitsuki may have fled to after escaping the hospital.