Sugar Girl
Sugar Girl

The Sugar Girl is a black-haired girl wearing yellow dress located in Reverse Apartments, at the end of the hole in girl area, and in the Deterioration.

To find her in the Reverse Apartments, the player has to trigger the sugar float days event by eating ten cakes at the Sugar Hole and talking to a Cleaner afterwards. The event shows an image of Sugar Girl having tea with Sabitsuki.

She is seen standing on the hill at the very end of the hole in girl area. It is impossible for Sabitsuki or Rust to interact with the girl, due to giant arms blocking the way.

Her latest appearance is in the Deterioration area, where she is simply sitting on the floor and smoking. She can be killed with the Iron Pipe, but does not react to anything else. One of the rooms in that hallway features her sitting at the table, exactly like in the sugar float days, but the chair where Sabitsuki sat in that event is empty here, the liquid on that side of the table is spilled, there is a little Sabitsuki standing near the table, and everything is still and tinted blue.


  • She is not named in the game files or code, and she does not have a fan nickname, even in Japanese. The name "Sugar Girl" comes from her first appearance, which is the sugar float days event, and is used here because it is shorter and more convenient than the previous name of "the Girl in the Yellow Dress".
  • She has a full set of walking sprites, but does not use those.
  • At Sweet Sugar and hole in girl, there are bodies of similar-looking girls lying on the ground.
  • While Sabitsuki's sprites resemble Madotsuki from Yume Nikki, Sugar Girl's sprites resemble the girls from Shōjo Kidan and Shōjo Gidan.


  • It can be implied that the sugar float days room is actually the interior of Sabitsuki's childhood home. Because Sugar Girl was seen there together with Sabitsuki and, in another place, with little Sabitsuki, the Girl might be her relative or a friend.
  • She may be contemplating suicide, due to standing dangerously close to the edge of the hill.
  • Seeing as how Sweet Sugar resembles the inside of a hotel, the Girl standing at the edge of the hill could be synonymous to standing at the edge of a balcony.
  • Because the hole in girl area has obvious sexual imagery and subtle allusion to prostitution (through a love hotel), it can be inferred that the Girl may be a prostitute.
  • Considering the amount of effort needed to reach either the hidden room in the Reverse Apartments or the hole in girl area, it is probable that Sugar Girl holds some significance to Sabitsuki.
    • It is also possible that, due to the effort needed to see her and inability to interact with her, Sabitsuki tried to hide the Girl in her mental landscape, or forget about her.
    • However, it is very simple to get to her in the Deteriorated Apartments.