sugar float days
sugar float days

The sugar float days is an event that takes place in the blocked off section of Reverse Apartments.

To trigger this event, the player has to eat ten cakes at the Sugar Hole. Each cake costs 300 yen, and it is possible to order something only once per flow session. The player has to interact with a Cleaner to remove the traffic cone blocking the stairway, but it will remain if the player has eaten something in the current flow session.

After the cone is removed, the player can go up the stairs into a white room where another Sabitsuki is seen having some tea with the Sugar Girl. The two disappear in a flash and the player can walk around this room. Due to a bug, it is impossible to leave this room through the door, the player would have to use Arms or wake up.



  • "sugar float days" is the name of the room this event takes place in.
  • A similar scene can be seen in the Deteriorated Apartments.


  • It can be implied that this room is actually the interior of Sabitsuki's childhood home. Because Sugar Girl was seen there together with Sabitsuki and, in Deterioration, with little Sabitsuki, the Girl might be her relative or a friend.