Submarine Village Event
The Submarine Village Event

The Submarine Village Event (海底集落イベ) is an event that takes place in the Submarine Village.

There are several dark-gray, orange-headed creatures in the area, three of them are playing guitar. After Sabitsuki kills all of the guitarists (one in the clothes house, two outside) with the Iron Pipe, then leaves one of the two buildings in the village, her field of view will be narrowed down, the music will change, and all of the remaining orange-headed creatures will chase her.

They teleport her to a secluded island in Hell, with no way of leaving it except for waking up or using Arms. There are four of those creatures standing in this island. They all laugh at Sabitsuki upon interacting with one of them, they do not react to any effect and cannot be killed.

It is possible to outrun the chasers and escape into the zone preceeding the Submarine Village. Once Sabitsuki comes back, the creatures will resume chasing her, but the player's field of view would remain normal. It is impossible to kill all of the chasers before starting the event, as the creatures respawn when the player changes areas, and it is neccessary to do so to start the event.

The guitarists respawn and the village goes back to normal when Sabitsuki wakes up or becomes Rust.



  • The switch that makes the creatures laugh at Sabitsuki is named "Hellish whisper" (地獄囁き).


  • It seems like these orange-headed creatures disapprove of violence, despite being associated with Hell. One of the fishermen in Hell punishes the player for killing Oreko, and the village dwellers turn hostile when Sabitsuki kills the guitarists.