Submarine Village

The Submarine Village (海底集落) is a subzone of Submarine World, which houses an event.

There are fish swimming around the place and poles sticking out from the ground. The village itself is not very large. There are five houses, but it is possible to enter only two of them, and four picnic blankets. There are several orange headed creatures in here, like those seen in Hell and Sorrow, three of them are playing guitar.

The western building is empty, save for the two uninteractible poles. The eastern building allows Sabitsuki to change her clothes. There are a black and a white outfits for her to wear. Sabitsuki cannot sit in these clothes, and equipping an effect restores her default outfit. Rust cannot wear these clothes. There is also a guitar player in this house.

The creatures in this village react to the Iron Pipe and Whistle properly, but when Sabitsuki shoots her Handgun they pace left and right instead of trying to step away from her. The guitarists are special. They do not react to the effects, but can be killed with the Iron Pipe. Killing all of them will allow the Submarine Village Event to be triggered.


Connecting Areas


  • This area has a slightly different coloration than the Submarine World.


  • The orange-headed creatures might have a connection to Oreko. Their village is kind of in the same zone as her house, and their heads resemble the orange lights from Sorrow, where Oreko's ghost can be found, and one of the creatures is fishing. One of the fishermen in Hell even punishes the player for killing Oreko.