Star World
The base of the pier

The Star World is an area with what appears to be lanterns or possibly stars in the background as you walk up stairs leading towards the underwater world. The machine effect can be found in the constellation room here by going through a white door as you go up the pier.

At the bottom of the stairs lies the very same creature from Hell fishing peacefully. If you walk past him, off the end of the pier, you will find yourself in a small room similar to Hell.

After falling off the pier

The same creature is there, and usually he will take you back to the pier. Sometimes though (perhaps only after attacking the same passive kaibutsu which triggers the Kaibutsu Well event?), instead you will be taken to a slightly larger, inescapable hell room.

And now you're stuck.


Nexus > Ghost Garden > Underwater > Star World

Nexus > Ghost Garden > Underwater > Underwater Temple > Dark Corridors > Decaying Art Gallery > Prison > Hell > Star World


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