Snow World
The Snow World map

The Snow World (雪) can be reached from the Apartments. This area houses the Dress effect.

The whole landscape is covered by snow and contains smoking chimneys of varying sizes. Four of the biggest chimneys can be entered. Anyone who is walking on the patches of snow leave footprints, which soon disappear, and Sabitsuki also exhales vapor while in this area.

The door leads back to the Apartments, and there are three accessible chimneys below it. The leftmost one is empty, and the rightmost one seems to be empty as well, but actually contains a Fetus when Rust visits it. The chimney in the center contains the Dress effect. The entrance in the upper-right side of the map leads to the Disposal area.

The greatest point of interest in the Snow World is located slightly to the north-west from those three chimneys. There is someone invisible, wandering around and leaving footprints in the snow. By using the Whistle effect, the player can make that person visible, revealing the semi-transparent Little Sabitsuki. She goes away from the player when the Whistle is used again, and she disappears for a short time when she gets away from Sabitsuki after the Handgun effect was used. She also disappears while the player has the Iron Pipe effect equipped, but can be killed despite that. She will not respawn after death.

The fourth chimney is located to the north-west from the door, and contains a single white flower. Upon interacting with the flower, the player will be teleported to the plant chimney (植物煙突), and upon leaving it they will arrive to the Illusionary Area (幻想地帯). The Illusionary Area depicts the Snow World overgrown with plants, and contains the entrance to the Illusionary Corridors.


Connecting areas


  • Sabitsuki does not leave any footprints if she is flying on the Broom or uses the Ghost effect.
    • However, she leaves proper human footprints even when she turns into a Cat, or when the Daruma, Slime, and Plant effects are equipped.
  • The entrance to the Disposal area was blocked off prior to version 0.193.


  • The Snow World might be the place where Sabitsuki grew up, or a place near to where she grew up. It is possible that the smoke from all the chimneys is caused by industrial chemicals, or even contains them, which might be the cause of Sabitsuki's illness.
    • This theory is supported by the ghost of Little Sabitsuki being here, and also by the fact that this world is accessed from the Apartments, which might suggest the areas that inspired those are also located near each other.


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The Dress chimney The empty chimneys The flower chimney
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The plant chimney The Illusionary Area map