Smile is a recurring black-haired NPC that appears at several points in .flow.

He can be found in a house in the Neighborhood. His Sister hides behind him if Sabitsuki equips the Iron Pipe or fires a warning shot from the Handgun. Hitting Smile with the pipe in that house would not kill him, but give the player the Smile Menu. He laughs and brings out his hammer after being hit once, and cannot be attacked again. He reverts to his normal appearance when the Iron Pipe is not equipped, but smiles and equips the hammer if Sabitsuki brings out the pipe again.

Smile also appears in the School. He can be found on the roof with a hammer in hand, by interacting with him Sabitsuki gets the Tattoo effect. He does not react to any effect here. Smile is also seen in a classroom on the first floor, where he is surrounded by students in Uniforms. The player is unable to reach him. He smiles and brings out his hammer if Sabitsuki equips the Iron Pipe.

Smile is also located in the basement of the Corrupted School. He attacks Sabitsuki with his hammer when she enters the room, but if the player controls Rust, she kills him with the Iron Pipe.

His latest appearance is in the Disposal area. Smile retains his name and hairstyle, but lacks tattoos and wears a gakuran school uniform. He stands with two other students in similar clothes and a Cleaner in an unreachable room of the Disposal area. Sabitsuki can attract his attention by firing a warning shot from her Handgun, causing him to look over his shoulder. Interacting with the obstacle between them shows a close up of his face, then he turns back to whatever the four are looking at. If he noticed Sabitsuki, Rust can also get a close up of his face, he has vertical lines over his eyes in this one.


  • When hit with the pipe, Smile actually used to speak. However, his speech was removed in version 0.18, and now he just laughs at Sabitsuki. Some decipher his line as:
    • "You're a sick girl, but I'll see you again";
    • "You're a strange girl, but I'll see you again";
    • "You're safe here, but I'll see you again";
    • "You sing girl, potassium onion" and so on.
  • Smile and Sister's house is named "Neighbor" in the game files.


  • One theory is that Smile was one of her friends who she might have grown up with.
  • Some speculate that Smile and Sister are related to Sabitsuki in some way, in that they possibly shared the same illness.
  • Maybe Sabitsuki and Smile have done something wrong together. This could possibly explain the Black Hood, Iron Pipe and Tattoo effects.


Oniisan.jpg Smile-closeup.png Smile-closeup2.png
'Oniisan' by lol Smile, as seen by Sabitsuki Smile, as seen by Rust