Smile smiling

"Smile" is a file-given name for a recurring black-haired NPC that appears at several points in .flow as of v0.1.

Not much is known about him other than the fact that he looks similar to -and has identical hair to- Sabitsuki and Rust, apart from it being black. He appears in a room in the school with several children where he smiles if Sabitsuki takes out her Iron Pipe. He appears on the roof of the school where Sabitsuki will get the Tattoo effect upon interacting with him.

He appears in a room with another black-haired NPC known as Sister where he will laugh if Sabitsuki attempts to hit him with the iron pipe. Finally, he appears in the basement of the corrupted school where he will attack Sabitsuki upon her entering the room while laughing manically.


  • When hit with the pipe, Smile actually used to speak. However, his speech was removed in version 0.18, and now he just laughs at Sabitsuki. Some decipher his line as:
    • "You're a sick girl, but I'll see you again";
    • "You're a strange girl, but I'll see you again";
    • "You're safe here, but I'll see you again";
    • "You sing girl, potassium onion´╗┐" and so on.
  • As of version .15 you can now kill Smile during Rust's version of the Corrupted School event, as previously he was the only unkillable NPC apart from the Kaibutsu.
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