Shinsoku Neko
The gameplay screen of Shinsoku Neko

Shinsoku Neko (神速猫) is a minigame in .flow, and the only game available on Sabitsuki's console in her room in the real world.

This is a simple arcade game, where the player controls a little black cat to earn points by catching fish and knocking back seahorses that move across the screen. The cat is controlled with the directional buttons, the fish has to be caught with "Neko Punch" (猫パンチ), performed by pressing Z, Space Bar, or Enter. Pressing the X button, or Escape, makes the cat perform the "Shinsoku Neko Dash" (神速猫ダッシュ). The Shift button closes the minigame.

The player cannot punch constantly, there is 0.2 seconds delay before the punch can be repeated. Also, there is a 2 seconds delay before the dash can be repeated.

The cat has three lives, and it will lose one each time the player misses a fish or a seahorse.

Catching a fish will give the player 10 points. Seahorses cannot be caught, instead they are pushed back, and after bouncing off the wall they fly back at the cat. The first time a seahorse is hit, it will give the player 1 point. With each hit the points it gives will double, going from 1 to 2, from 2 to 4, from 4 to 8 and so on, until it reaches 524,288. From then on, each hit will give the player the highest amount of points, 999,999.

It is also possible to play as the "True Shinsoku Neko" (真・神速猫) by inputting the Konami Code on the title screen. The code is: left, left, right, right, up, down, up, down. If inputted correctly, a noise will be heard, and the player will be able to control a little white cat, which is faster than the black one, its punch can be repeated with only 0.1 seconds delay, and its dash can be repeated only with 1 second delay.


  • Shinsoku Neko (神速猫) is literally translated as "Godspeed Cat", but the word "shinsoku" (神速) is usually translated as "great speed, extreme speed, swiftness".
  • The title screen of the game greets the player with the "PUSH STERT" message. The mistake was made by lol, who is not good at English, and is left there by translators because the phrase became somewhat popular.


  • Judging by this game and the Cat effect, some people speculate that Sabitsuki might be fond of cats.