Shinsoku Kaibutsu

The Shinsoku (神速) Kaibutsu is a special chaser from the Blood Maze. It is calm initially, but becomes angered under certain circumstances.

This Kaibutsu moves faster than other chasers and keeps laughing. It also keeps getting faster, so the Broom effect and the Accelerator cannot help to evade it. It reacts to the Whistle and Handgun like an ordinary Kaibutsu.

When the Blood Maze is visited by Rust, this Kaibutsu is replaced with a common Fetus.


There are three ways to provoke this Kaibutsu:

  1. Hit the Shinsoku Kaibutsu with the Iron Pipe;
  2. Hit a calm Kaibutsu (in the Plant Corridors, Footprint Path or Womb Maze) with the Iron Pipe;
  3. Hit Oreko with the Iron Pipe. Doing so enrages it until the player starts a new flow session.


  • This Kaibutsu is named after a switch that is triggered when it is struck with the Iron Pipe.
    • Shinsoku (神速) literally means "godspeed", but is usually translated as "great speed, extreme speed, swiftness". This Kaibutsu shares its name with Shinsoku Neko.