sea cliff

The sea (umi) is a small monochrome area. There are no events or effects here, only a single NPC resides in this world.

To get to this area the player has to reach the Submarine Elevator by going into the Submarine City through the Plant World, without taking any detours in the Submarine Corridors.

The player arrives in a small area with a monochrome elevator, which leads back to the Corridors. To the north is a cliff. To the south there is a small building.

There is a single room (umiheya) in the building, with a single NPC walking around. Gisokuko does not interact with Sabitsuki. She reacts normally to the Whistle and the Handgun effects, and can be killed with the Iron Pipe. However, once she is struck with it, she can be hit more, making another moan once, and her beaten body will remain there even if Sabitsuki wakes up. She does not appear when visited by Rust.


Connecting Areas


  • These maps are named "umi" in the game files. While "umi" can be written in different kanji and can have other meanings than "sea", the bgm for these maps is named "naminooto" which can mean "sound of waves" and is indeed the sound of waves.


  • This could possibly be a place Sabitsuki saw in a black and white photo. It is not as detailed as most other areas and there is not much to do here because she has not been here before and her imagination does not have much to work with.


sea_elevator.png sea_house.png sea_room.png
sea elevator sea house sea room