The School (学校) is a fairly removed location which contains two Effects: the Uniform and Tattoo. It is a two-storey building with a basement and an accessible rooftop. The walls are lined with posters of mouths and eyes marked with the Tattoo, and there are desks in most rooms.

It can be accessed in two ways. By going through a tunnel in the Neighborhood, the player will appear on the road before the large gray building that is the School. Interacting with a Student in the southern portion of the Wastewater Lake teleports the player into a classroom on the first floor.

When entering School through the front gate, the player will arrive into the School Entrance (学校エントランス). The room contains what is normally supposed to be lockers, and two special Kaibutsu behind a counter, they allow the player to change the game's Menu Type. The topmost one offers the three default menu types. The bottom one appears only after the player has collected at least one hidden menu type, and offers the unlocked ones for use.

The other doorway in the Entrance leads to the School 1st Floor (学校1F). The player appears in the middle of a hall, which is divided into two sections. The main section contains entrances to the classrooms, and a single Fetus when visited by Rust. Going to the either end of the hall takes the player to the stairway section, which connects to the Basement and to the 2nd Floor.

There are four classrooms on the 1st Floor. Going clockwise, the first classroom contains three students. The second one is where the player appears after teleporting from the Wastewater Lake, it contains a single Fetus when visited by Rust. The next classroom contains four students. The last classroom is barely accessible, most of the room is blocked by desks, preventing the player from reaching Smile and the six students gathered around him. He brings out his hammer and smiles if Sabitsuki equips the Iron Pipe.

The School Basement's (学校地下) hall is similar to the 1st Floor one, but with four entrances in each wall of the main section, and a couple of Students. The doors to the east and west lead to rooms with more of the lockers. The door on the southern wall leads into a room with a similar shape to the Entrance, it contains two students and a doorway. The next room contains a smiling Sabitsuki in a school Uniform, interacting with her gives the player the effect. The smiling Sabitsuki then disappears, and when the player leaves this room through its doorway for the first time after obtaining Uniform, they'll hear a Kaibutsu laugh. The Uniform room contains a single Fetus when visited by Rust.

The northern doorway in the Basement's hall leads into an empty room which contains a single Fetus when visited by Rust. That room leads to the School Bottom (学校最深部), which contains a doorway that Sabitsuki cannot go through. An attempt to enter will simply remove her currently equipped effect and display static briefly. The doorway can be accessed by Rust, and leads to Smile. After obtaining Smile, the room cannot be entered again.

The School 2nd Floor's (学校2F) layout is similar to the Basement, with four entrances in each wall of the main section of the hall. When visited by Rust, there is a single Fetus in the main hall, and one more in the stairway section. The western door leads into a classroom with a passive Kaibutsu walking around, it cannot be provoked or even reached. When visited by Rust, the Kaibutsu is replaced with a Sabitsuki wearing the Uniform, she does not react to anything. The eastern door leads into a classroom with Smile holding his hammer, he cannot be reached and does not react to anything. The southern doorway leads into a room filled with weird shapes that have an eye and a mouth, and a single Fetus when visited by Rust.

The northern doorway connects to the Rooftop (屋上). It is a small area with a giant Smile standing near the rail and looking into distance, Sabitsuki gets the Tattoo effect by interacting with him.


Connecting Areas


  • None yet.


  • This area might represent Sabitsuki's school.