Sabitsuki's Room
Sabitsuki's Room

Sabitsuki's room is where you start your adventure as is the style of these type of games. Your bed is where you will save your adventure and your computer is what you will use to enter the other world.

Down through the doors at the bottom is her balcony. Much like other fan games, you cannot leave through the door as trying to do so will just cause Sabitsuki to shake her head.

In front of her TV lies the minigame Shinsoku Neko

After 'flowing' by using her computer the room stays very much the same with the only changes being the deletion of the video game and the ability to now leave through the door and into the Entrance.

After getting all 24 effects, discarding them, AND getting all the empty boxes the next time you 'flow' using her computer will be an elevator which upon going into will land you in the Rust Corridor and leads to the True Ending.


  • Throughout the game as you do certain events, blood will appear in her room in real life (see erosion counter)


  • None