Sabitsuki's Room
Sabitsuki's Room

Sabitsuki's Room (自室) is the starting area of .flow. It consists of a small room and a veranda (ベランダ).

There is nothing to do on the veranda, but it is possible to interact with several objects in the room itself. The player can save their progress by interacting with the bed, and go to the main part of the game, flow, through the computer. It is possible to turn on the TV, or play a minigame, Shinsoku Neko, on the console. Sabitsuki will refuse to leave the room until all of the Effects are collected.

When going into flow, the player arrives to My Room (マイルーム). They appear on the veranda, which still has nothing to interact with, except the door leading to the room. It actually looks different from Sabitsuki's room, as there is no console and the pink cushion is now directly in front of the TV. It is possible to sit at the desk, but the player has to collect all of the effects to be able to interact with the computer, which will allow them to discard the effects and control Rust. The player can go to bed, which will not result in anything, and it is possible to leave the room through the door, which leads to the Entrance.

When going into flow after discarding all of the effects, the player will arrive to a slightly different version of My Room, which has no computer. After Rust collects all of the Empty Boxes, an elevator leading to the Rust Corridor will appear on the place where the computer was supposed to be.

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  • "自室" means "one's own room​", while "マイルーム" is literally "my room".
  • If the player raises the Erosion Counter, various blood splatters will appear in Sabitsuki's room.
  • The entrance to the Debug Room is placed on a wall in Sabitsuki's room. It is possible to access it only by modding the game or using the "Walk Through Walls" glitch.


  • It seems weird that the game calls the real room "own room" and its flow version "my room". It might be possible that the real one is not "Sabitsuki's own room", while, as everything in the flow represents various aspects of Sabitsuki's mind, the flow version of this room is truly hers.


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