Sabitsuki (さびつき) is the main character of .flow, controlled by the player. Much like the protagonist of Yume Nikki, she spends the game wandering around her mental landscape and collecting a multitude of effects. Similarly, nothing is explained about her past, or about the things she sees in her dreams.


  • Sabitsuki's name continues the tradition of giving fangame characters a name ending in -tsuki. However, if written with kanji, Sabitsuki's name has a meaning related to the game's events. Sabitsuki (錆つき) means "rust-covered" or "rust-eaten".
  • According to her equipment screen, the skirt she wears is her favorite one and the clothes she wears are her usual clothes.
  • According to a response to a fan's question by lolrust, it is implied Sabitsuki may be aromantic or on the aromantic spectrum.1
  • Her favorite food is cake, and her favorite drinks are coffee and tea.2
  • She is 4'7 - 4'11 (140-150 cm). In a follow-up tweet lol explained that he hasn't decided on it yet, and that she still seems to be growing.3
  • She collects CDs and books that were given to her.4
  • Her favorite colors are orange and red.5
  • She is left handed, since her mouse is on the left side of her desk.


  • It is theorized that Sabitsuki is slowly losing her mind either from the disease or from side effect of her treatments.
    • The Kaibutsu also seem to have lost their mind as well (aggressive ones) or are on the verge of losing them (passive ones) which could further link that both Sabitsuki and the Kaibutsu are suffering the same disease/side effects from disease treatments.
  • Sabitsuki didn't fit in much at school and was either widely ignored or made fun of. Support for this theory is that going through the corrupted school Kaibutsu will actively chase you with pipes as their laughter fills the halls.
  • The reason that Sabitsuki doesn't want to leave her room may imply that she is quarantining herself because of a disease that she has.
  • Some theorize Sabitsuki may have had sexual trauma, explaining the vomitgirls area.
  • Another theory is her mother could be a prostitute and either Sabitsuki was viewed as unwanted, was born unhealthy due to being exposed to diseases in utero, or that her mother, pregnant again, died from an unsafe abortion (if not childbirth).
  • A theory is that Sugar Girl might be her mother (or sister), who committed suicide or had something tragic happen to her and that Sabitsuki tried to forget.
  • Some also believe Sabitsuki may have been a prostitute and was (or is) pregnant as a result, said pregnancy being unwanted, and she went to the doctor to have an abortion, however, it was either botched or was performed with unsafe means, leaving her with damaged organs and a severe infection.


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