Rusty Pier
Rusty Pier map

The Rusty pier is a very maze-like pier coming off from the Sewers and leading to the Slum by a single lampost. It is home of the Slime effect.

Off in the water twinkling pink lights dot around and rubble and pipes peak out from the surface. There are also strange objects sticking out of the water one a red figure with stitching and another a twisted pink figure, whether these are actual creatures are not are unclear since both lay far off in the water.

Its only inhabitant is a single girl (in area unreachable to the normal route) who takes you to the School.


Connecting Areas

  • Sewers (by going down the stairs)
  • Slum (by touching the lamppost)
  • School (by interacting with the school girl)
  • Music World (by interacting with the hole-faced brown creature)
  • Reverse Apartments (by interacting with the elevator of the "unreachable to the normal route"/southern part of the Rusty Pier)
  • Industrial Maze II (although, once you touch the symbol that leads to the southern part of the rusty pier, in the Industrial Maze II, you cannot go back)


  • The layout, NPCs and structure of this world very much resemble The Docks from Yume Nikki, which also has many connecting areas.


  • None