Rusted Picture World

An area filled with construction sounds reminiscent of Silent Hill with bloody polls sticking out on brick flooring that you can access through a painting in the Sugar Hole. Blood splatters are everywhere and Kaibutsu roam about. You can find the Tumbling Doll Effect around here by interacting with a maid in the area.


Nexus > Pipes and Phone Poles > Apartments 1 > Isometric Pathway > Apartments 2 > Sugar Hole (back room) > Rusted Picture World

More thorough directions are in the Tumbling Doll Effect page.

Connecting Areas


  • You can leave this place as there is a door that looks similar to Sabitsuki's room door.
  • This will take you back to the Sugar Hole.
  • The place is filled with Kaibutsu so it's best to have the Ghost Effect with you.


  • N/A atm.