Rust Menu

The Rust menu type is unique in that you need your "Erosion Counter" to be at a certain number before you can unlock it

How to Get This Menu

First, you'll need to get your Erosion Counter to at least 100. You'll know it's high enough when the largest pool of blood is visible on Sabitsuki's bedroom

Once the Erosion Counter reaches this number, go to the Back Ward and interact with the Little Sabitsuki. You will receive the Rust menu type

Best way to get this Menu

Go through the White Room and the Bar Kaibutsu events, as these are the easiest events to reach and both increase the Erosion Counter by 50 the first time you see them


  • Little Sabitsuki goes through 3 stages. She may look healthy, sick, or terminally ill (as seen in the picture. Like the sick one, but she can't sit straight anymore and her bed is full of bloodstains)
Terminally Ill