Rust Ending
One of the ending scenes

The Rust ending is the final ending available to the player.

In this ending, Sabitsuki leaves her room after defeating her Inner Demon.

A dark screen is shown and some stepping sounds are heard. Then, Sabitsuki is seen outside, in front of a railing. A Cleaner enters the scene. Sabitsuki turns around to look at her. The Cleaner equips a chainsaw, prompting Sabitsuki to smile and approach her while laughing like a Kaibutsu. The screen cuts to black as a scream is heard, and then Sabitsuki is shown lying in a pool of blood, with her legs cut off.

After that, the Cleaner is seen carrying the body away. Sabitsuki is then shown standing on her stumps, with two patches of blood under her and a couple of Onigo nearby. Pressing anything causes red static to envelop the screen as another Kaibutsu laugh plays.

Then, Rust is shown walking past various NPCs of the game, wearing the Headphones. The following characters are shown: several Onigo, a red pile, the Flower Girl, the Doctor and Nurse, some dead Hospital Children, Gisokuko and her broken version, little Sabitsuki wearing an orange scarf, several Kaibutsu, Smile and his Sister, Sabitsuki-like Kaibutsu holding the Iron Pipe, all of the effect givers, plenty of Fetuses, Oreko, and lastly, a Cleaner. As the Cleaner bows to Rust, the credits appear, and the screen fades to black.


To get this ending, the player has to collect all 24 effects (25 including the Instructions) and become Rust by discarding them into the computer while in flow. Then, Rust has to collect the Empty Boxes and go to the Rust Corridor through an elevator that replaces the computer in the flow after the last box is collected. The Inner Demon is located at the very end of the corridor, Rust has to defeat her to be able to leave. Afterwards, she will wake up in her room and can go outside to witness the last of the game's endings.


  • The switch that triggers this ending is named "dream" (夢).
  • The person walking through the credits sequence is Rust, not Sabitsuki. She uses a special set of walking sprites, which is more detailed than those used by Sabitsuki, like all of Rust's sprites.
  • The credits theme is named ".flowbeet".


  • This ending and everything done before it might be Sabitsuki's dying dream. Maybe Sabitsuki was dying from her illness and decided to put up one last fight (her running towards the Cleaner) before ultimately giving in (her going limp after having her legs cut off). Alternatively, the ending could be interpreted as her having a peaceful death, after being sick for so long.
  • Another theory has it that Sabitsuki was in a coma and the Cleaner cutting off her legs is a metaphor for her being removed from life support.
  • The credits sequence might actually represent a timeline of Sabitsuki's life. Starting from Onigo (associated with birth) to the Flower Girl (associated with plants), to the Hospital characters, to little Sabitsuki, to the Kaibutsu and Smile, to the Effects (what happened during the game), to the Fetuses, to Oreko, and ending with the Cleaner (the last person Sabitsuki saw).