Heart Tile Path
Heart Tile Path

The Heart Tile Path is a small world with relaxing music and red and blue floor tiles. These red and blue tiles travel in a spiral path, making designs of DNAs and a heart along the way. This world does not house any effects.


The player has to go to the Neon World by going right in the Nexus. By travelling southwest they will encounter two strange red bubbling things close together, some of them are depicted on the article image. Going through them will teleport the player to the Red and Blue World.

Connecting Areas


  • This area might be a reference to Yume Nikki's Neon Tile Path, as it has a similar aesthetic, similar mechanics (when stepped on, red tiles make different sounds than blue tiles, just as pink tiles make different sounds than purple tiles in Yume Nikki), and both are accessed from the Neon World.


  • This area may represent a heart, which is even further supported by the next area having heartbeats everywhere.