Rainbow Maze
Entrance of the Rainbow Maze

The Rainbow Maze can be one of the more painful maps to navigate and includes the Cat effect in it.

The entrance to the Psychedelic Town is also found here which is the key to finding the Psychedelic effect (see psychedelic effect page for more info).

While it is hard to navigate the rave maze the music will change a bit when entering certain points of interest here (cat effect, path to city, witch event cliff).


Entrance > Dysmorphic World > Footprint Path > Rainbow Maze

Connecting Areas



  • None


rainbow%20maze%201%20map.png rainbow%20maze%202%2C3%2C4%20map.png rainbow%20maze%205%20map.png
Rainbow Maze 1 map Rainbow Maze 2, 3 and 4 maps Rainbow Maze 5 map
The only door leads to 2B
Plant at the left end takes you back to Footprint Path
2A (through one more rainbow room) -> way under rainbow sky
2B -> Rainbow Maze 1
2C -> 5B
5A -> 4A -> 4B -> 5F
5B -> 2C
5C -> Cat effect
5D -> 3C
5E -> 3B
5F -> 4B -> 4A -> 5A
3A (through one more rainbow room) -> cliff under rainbow sky
3B -> 5E
3C -> 5D
4A -> 5A
4B -> 5F