Rainbow Maze
Entrance of the Rainbow Maze

The Rainbow Maze (虹) is a maze which houses the Flying Event, the Cat effect, and leads to the Psychedelic effect.

Due to the nature of this area, the maze directions are listed in the table below.

"Rainbow Room" describes a couple of rooms which have only two doors: one leads back to where the player came from, another leads into the next area. The Rainbow Field is an open area below the Rainbow Hill (虹の丘), which leads to the Psychedelic Town. The Rainbow Hill is the area of the Flying Event.

To reach the Psychedelic Town Harbor, the player has to enter the rightmost door in the Rainbow Field, then go back through the door they just came out of, then go through the leftmost door.

To reach the Psychedelic Town Rooftops, the player has to enter the rightmost door in the Rainbow Field, then go to the left until they see two sets of color-changing blocks standing opposite each other, which gives an impression of a vertical path. The player has to interact with the wall in the place where this alleged path leads. The wall has a slightly different pattern in that place, which serves as another clue.

Rainbow Maze 5 contains two Fetuses when visited by Rust.


Connecting Areas


  • The background music of Rainbow Rooms and the Cat area slightly differs from the track used in the rest of the maze.


  • None yet.


Rainbow Maze 1
  • Door » 2A
  • Leftmost tentacles » Footprint Path
Rainbow Maze 2, 3 and 4
  • 2A » Rainbow Maze 1
  • 2B » Rainbow Room » Rainbow Field
  • 2C » 5B

  • 3A » Rainbow Room » Rainbow Hill
  • 3B » 5E
  • 3C » 5D

  • 4A » 5A
  • 4B » 5F
Rainbow Maze 5
  • 5A » 4A
  • 5B » 2C
  • 5C » Cat area
  • 5D » 3C
  • 5E » 3B
  • 5F » 4B