Psychedelic Town
Psychedelic Town

The Psychedelic Town (サイケデリック街) is an area with flashing lights and neon signs, which is inhabited by black-colored creatures. This area contains the Psychedelic effect.

It is accessed from the Psychedelic Town Harbor (サイケデリック街港), which looks fairly ordinary and contains some tall buildings with bright windows. Its initial area contains a door to the Rainbow Maze. The western path is blocked with traffic cones, but it is possible to go east, into the Street (通り), which leads to two other areas. By going north, into a wide passage between two buildings, and stepping between two blue panels, the player will arrive to the actual Psychedelic Town. By heading to the eastern end of the Street and going north through a narrow passage between the rightmost buildings, the player will reach the Alley (路地), which contains an entrance to the Sewers.

The town itself is a black area with buildings that have blue and pink neon outlines. Plenty of creatures walk around the place, some of them stand with flashing pink neon signs with hearts on them. More signs, flashing red and yellow, are placed around the town. The only accessible building is the Sweet Sugar, which can be found to the north of the player's arrival point. Behind Sweet Sugar and slightly to the west are two panels in a darker shade of pink, walking in between them leads to the Rainbow Flower Event.

The Psychedelic Rooftops (サイケデリック屋上) are accessible through the Rainbow Field. The rooftops contain several blue and pink creatures, they teleport the player onto other buildings upon interacting with them. One of the rooftops contains a creature that looks like a blue and a pink ones combined into one, interacting with it gives Sabitsuki the Psychedelic effect.


Connecting Areas


  • Psychedelic Town and Psychedelic Rooftops are two different maps with different positions of creatures and objects. The buildings and road outlines are the same across both maps.
  • This area heavily resembles Moonside from EarthBound.


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