Psychedelic Town
Psychedelic Town

The Psychedelic Town (サイケデリック街) is an area with flashing lights and neon signs, which is inhabited by black creatures. This area contains the Psychedelic effect.

This area starts with the Psychedelic Town Harbour (サイケデリック街港), where plenty of traffic cones block the way. The initial area of the harbour contains a door to the Rainbow Maze and a black creature with a sign pointing to the next area, the street. Upon arriving at the street, the player will see tall buildings with bright windows and turquoise and pink neon signs all around the place. By going through the wide passage in between a couple of buildings, and walking in the middle of two turquoise signs, the player will arrive to the actual town. By going further to the right, and into a narrow passage between two buildings at the end of the street, the player will arrive to the alley, a small area that only contains a manhole that leads to the Sewers.

The town itself looks different from the harbour. It is a black area with buildings that have turquoise and pink neon outlines. Plenty of black creatures walk around the place, some of them stand near the buildings and hold pink neon signs with hearts on them. More signs, flashing red and yellow, are placed at some spots of the town. A large batch of these signs is placed directly below the Sweet Sugar love hotel. By going north on the path to the left of Sweet Sugar, with turquoise outline, the player will arrive to a couple of blocks that lead to the Rainbow Flower Event by going in the middle of them.

The rooftops of this town are accessible, the player can arrive there through the Rainbow Maze. Each turquoise and pink creature will teleport the player to another roof upon interacting, and one of the rooftops contains a creature that gives Sabitsuki the Psychedelic effect upon interacting with it.


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