The Psychedelic Effect

The Psychedelic (サイケデリック)1 effect turns Sabitsuki different bright colors when the action button is pressed. It does not give her any abilities or extra powers.

It can be found after navigating the Rainbow Maze and finding a part of a wall that is different from the rest (see picture below) and touching it then interacting with the NPCs that teleport you across rooftops in the Psychedelic Town.


Entrance > Dysmorphic World > Footprint Path > Rainbow Maze > Psychedelic Town

Once you come in the Rainbow Maze, go through the closest top-right door, then through another door to the right, and through another one. Keep moving to the right and look closer at the wall. There is a section that looks slightly different, and the rectangular objects on the ground are placed like they are forming a path to the wall. Interact with the wall in that place and you will be teleported to the rooftops. Interact with the NPCs in the following order: blue, pink, blue, top pink, bottom blue, then bottom blue. You should find the multi-coloured one which will give you the effect.

The wall will look like this. Notice the line going up in front of Sabitsuki

Video Directions


  • Pressing the action button will cause Sabitsuki to change colors. There are a total of 8 different appearances.


  • None