The Prison is a rusty-looking area with pillars and cells. Some of the cells contain shadowy figures that rock back and forth and bang on the cell bars.

The corpse effect can be found here by entering the only room here and going into the darkness to find a purple corpse and interacting with it.

In the middle of the prison lies the gallows where robed figures with scythes stand on either side of a guillotine. Interacting with the guillotine will take you to Hell.


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  • If you take the path left of the gallows and walk slowly you may catch a glimpse of a shadow man. As you step closer, it will hide behind a pillar and won't come back out till you leave.
  • One prisoner resembles Sabitsuki.
  • This area did not have music until Ver. 15.


  • This area may be how she feels about the hospital, this is furthered by the prisoner that resembles a darker version of Sabitsuki, she may feel as though she's a prisoner at the hospital she was at, also bringing the theory that she was under constant surveillance into consideration may possibly add on to that, also there is a guillotine in the area that leads to Hell, that may be a view on people on dying from the disease, or possible human euthanizing, and the Reapers next to the guillotine may represent the doctors that either performed the euthanizing or simply took away the dying subject.