Plant World
The Plant World map

The Plant World (植物) is one of the initial areas accessible from the Entrance. Like other initial worlds, this one contains an effect, the Watering Can.

This area is populated by big ghost-like decorations that are uninteractable, and Japanese style ghosts, which are killable, and react to effects like most other NPCs. There are lots of white flowers in this world, and the background features a glowing gray figure.

The door leads back to the Entrance, and by going between the two beige pillars to the southeast from the door the player will be teleported to the Submarine World.

To obtain the Watering Can effect, the player has to interact with a ghostly girl that is wandering near the large patch of flowers to the southwest from the door.


Connecting Areas


  • This world has the same name as the Plant effect.


  • One could postulate that this area is a stand in for a burial ground, with the presence of flowers (more specifically white lilies) and ghosts.
  • One theory suggests that the background image and some of the NPCs resemble white blood cells and platelets (comparison best viewed here).