Plant Labyrinth (Past)
The Plant Labyrinth Past World

Plant Labyrinth (Past) is a world named after after the plants that litter not only the walls but the floor and is often a very maze-like place. It can be gotten to by way of the Hospital by entering the room with the monitors wrapped in plants on either side of it. It can also be reached by the Snow World by touching a flower thereby changing the world so that the entryway (which was previously blocked) will be unblocked.

The Plant effect can be found here by interacting with a big flower surrounded by 4 other flowers in along with the Flower menu from talking to the scarecrow in a certain room here.

It should be noted that even though you can get into this world through the industrial snow world it's a one sided trip. Plants will sprout up blocking your path and making you unable to go back.

This world differs from the Plant Labyrinth world because of the different flora here and abundance of plant children.


Connecting Areas

  • Hospital (by going through one of the arches)
  • Plant Labyrinth (by going through the room with the nurse in it)
  • White Puddle World (White World) (by going through the white doorway in the black pathway lined with plants)



  • It's suspected to be in the past due to the fact that Little Sabitsuki can be found within this world near the entrance.
  • The plant children here could indicate that some kind of herbal treatment may have been used along the way or as another alternative to the treatments as you get there by way of the alleyway hospital.
  • It is possibly a ward of the hospital that has since been overgrown by plants