Plant Labyrinth
The Plant Labyrinth World

Plant Labyrinth is a world just like the Illusionary Corridors that is named after the plants that litter not only the walls but the floor and is often a very maze-like place. It differs greatly from the past area as the type of plants are now more like ferns and what resemble carnivorous plants and the fact that there are no plant children here.

There is however in one of the hallways a passive Kaibutsu who is often key to changing the value in your session which affects things like the Kaibutsu in the Well and the Dying Girls Event. However you'll notice the path behind you is blocked. To unblock it you must kill the flower girl in the labyrinth.

Going further through the plant labyrinth will lead you to another area here with slight colorations differences. Over the green vines will be purple vines and all the formally green plants will now be purple (some with teeth). The gas mask effect can be found in this area by interacting with the flower emitting gas in one of the rooms.


Connecting Areas


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