Plant Corridors
Plant Corridors

The Plant Corridors (植物回路) is a maze-like place where the walls and the floor are overgrown with plants. It houses the Gas Mask effect.

This world can be accessed through the overgrown gate in the Flower World, but deepest parts of Plant Corridors can also be reached through other places. The flesh gate in the Opposite Footprint Path leads to the Tentacle Path and a doorway in the Illusionary Corridors leads to the Flower Girl room.

The first room of the Plant Corridors contains only two doorways: one leads to the Flower World, another to the second Corridors, which is larger and contains three doors. The western one leads to the Plant Depths (植物深部), the southeastern door leads to the Plant Room and the northeastern doorway leads back to the first Plant Corridors room.

The Plant Room (植物部屋) is a place with a pool and some flowers and a large group of vines covering the flower girl. Killing her allows access to the Flower Girl room from Plant Depths, but she does never respawn. This girl is dead when visited by Rust.

The Plant Depths (植物深部) is a short passage which contains a passive Kaibutsu, it is replaced with a Fetus if visited by Rust. The eastern doorway in this passage leads back to the second Plant Corridors, the western door leads to the Tentacle Plant area. The central doorway is blocked by vines which can be removed only by killing the flower girl either in this world or the Illusionary Corridors. It leads to the Flower Girl room.

The Tentacle Plant (触手・植物) area looks like Plant Corridors, but covered with purple tentacles over the plants. There are three doorways in this place: the eastern leads back to the Plant Depths, the northern leads to the Tentacle Path (触手行き) which connects to the Opposite Footprint Path, and the western door leads to the Deepest Plant Corridors.

The Deepest Plant Corridors (植物回路最深部) is a deadend room which contains a gas-emitting tentacle plant, interacting with it gives Sabitsuki the Gas Mask effect.

The Flower Girl (花子) room is an empty space which connects the Plant Corridors with Illusionary Corridors. A plant-covered Nurse is walking around this area, she can be killed with the Iron Pipe and reacts to the Whistle, but is absent when visited by Rust.


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