Outside Ending
Credits screen

The Outside (外) ending is the first of the three endings of the game.

In this ending, Sabitsuki leaves her room after collecting all of the Effects.

A dark screen is shown and some stepping sounds are heard. Then, Sabitsuki is seen outside, in front of a railing. The screen fades to black and a faint thumping sound is heard. After that, two blood spots appear in the center of the screen, a couple of Onigo are seen nearby, and the credits pop up.


To get this ending, the player has to collect all 24 effects (25 including the Instructions), and leave Sabitsuki's Room in the real world without becoming Rust.


  • The credits screen seems to be a nod to Yume Nikki.


  • This ending might be a foreshadowing of the Rust Ending, which features a similar scene.