Oreko Theories
  • The aforementioned information about finding Oreko and the giant Sabitsuki in tanks opens up the fan speculation that Oreko may, in fact, be a younger version of Sabitsuki herself.
  • Oreko could also be an imaginary friend whom Sabitsuki created to not be so alone after being hospitalized.
    • Reasons being that one of the heart monitors in the hospital leads to the underwater world where Oreko is found and that, if not otherwise occupied, she will follow Sabitsuki (the player) around. Also, the friendship meter and that she can be found holding a bloodied and beaten Sabitsuki's hand.
  • A scientist who experimented on Sabitsuki and her illness. This explains friendliness, machinery and Sabitsuki-in-a-jar. The helmet can actually be measurement equipment disguised as a toy (it's not the same helmet as on Oreko herself which is used for preventing of disease transfer).