Orange Stairway
The Orange Stairway

The Orange stairway is as it first appears as a seemingly endless set of stairs but in actuality is navigatable and will lead to you Oreko's Laboratory.

After getting here from the Orange Maze go either up or down a flight of stairs. When you see an orange orb, stop and go directly underneath it - then go back the way you came. You will get to a door with two orange orbs surrounding it - this will take you to the depths of the orange stairway and eventually Oreko's Lab.


Entrance > Music World > Connecting Tile Path > White Room > Blood Maze > Insides > Sewers > Orange Maze > Orange Stairway

Connecting Areas

  • Orange Maze (by going through the eye door)
  • Oreko's Laboratory (by going through the black and orange machine)


  • The Orange and black machinery here is similar to one that Oreko is seen working on in her house in the Submarine World.


  • None