Orange Passage
Orange Passage map

The Orange Passage (オレンジ地下通路) is a dark maze-like place with a giant empty tube, and steady glowing orange and blue lights. It does not contain any effects, events or NPCs and only serves as a connecting area.

A vivid orange star in the northwestern corner leads to the Orange Maze. However, to enable travel from that area back to the Orange Passage, the player has to interact with the vivid orange star in the Sewers first, which teleports them to the Orange Maze. This action makes a wandering orange star spawn in the Maze, interacting with it teleports the player to the Orange Passage, but the star in the Maze disappears. The star also disappears when the player leaves the Orange Maze through any other exit or wakes up, but remains if Sabitsuki teleports out using the Arms effect.

A different-looking yellowish-orange star in the northeastern room teleports the player to the southern pier of Wastewater Lake. It is possible to come back from that area by interacting with the same star that roams somewhere closer to the center, and there is no need to trigger any switches for that.

A blue star in the southwestern room teleports the player to the Young Passage. The yellow star in that area is used to come back to the Orange Passage.

A blue star in the southeastern part of the map moves the player into a small room with blue lights and a white light beam. Interacting with the wall it falls from teleports to the secluded section of Hole, which leads to the bottom of deadhole.


Connecting Areas


  • This area's lights were all orange initially, but in version 0.18 the branches leading to Hole and Young Passage were colored blue.


  • The room with an empty tube looks exactly like the room that contains Sabitsuki in a tube, which might imply that this is Sabitsuki's tube, which was either used by her before or she will be put there in the future.


Orange_Passage_map.png Blue_Passage.png
Orange Passage (old) Blue room