Orange Menu
The Orange menu type

The Orange menu is a menu type. It is gained from the ghostly Oreko in the Starry Pier if your Friendship Meter is at 30 points or higher.

How to Get This Menu

You gain 5 friendship by interacting with Oreko anywhere when she's standing upright (not sitting behind the big machine she is seen working on in her home).
When correctly gaining friendship Oreko will turn to face you. You only gain friendship once per flow entry. You lose 10 friendship by killing Oreko and it seems you can even go negative to some extent. Damaging the Oreko in the Industrial Maze does not effect the friendship meter.

Best way to get this Menu

Go to the Submarine World once per flow session and find Oreko wandering around outside her house. If she is inside and working on her machine, go outside and then come back. Wake up and repeat until you have interacted with her (and she has responded) six times. Then travel to the Starry Pier and enter the room you find the machine effect and you will find a faded Oreko. Interact with her to be transported to another pier, here your way up is barred by a lamp post. Once you reach the bottom of the pier and interact with her again you will get the Orange menu type.


  • This is the only menu that involves the friendship mechanism


  • None yet