Orange Maze
Orange Maze

The Orange Maze (オレンジ回路) is an area full of metal grates and pulsing, orange lights. Mechanical noises can be heard in this place.

The maze houses six aggressive Kaibutsu, but three of them appear only if the player killed Oreko. There are seven Fetuses here when this place is visited by Rust.

There are two stair-like objects, which teleport the player to other areas. The western stairs lead to the Submarine Corridors. The eastern stairs teleport to a secluded section of the Orange Maze, with a single passage that leads to the Wetland.

If the player arrived to the Orange Maze by interacting with a star in the Sewers, they are unable to go back, but it becomes possible for them to go to the Orange Passage. Touching the star in the Sewers spawns the same, moving star in the Maze, interacting with it teleports to the Passage. This moving star disappears if the player leaves the Orange Maze through any other exit or wakes up, but remains if Sabitsuki returns to the Entrance using Arms.

Touching a giant tube containing Oreko teleports to a different section of the Orange Maze, where the player can interact with an orange star to reach the Orange Laboratory. Hitting the tube is the same as killing Oreko.


Connecting Areas


  • The three Kaibutsu that appear if Oreko was killed all teleport Sabitsuki into a small room that seems to be a part of the Orange Laboratory.


  • Oreko is generally considered to be a nice part of the flow, and this dark and orange machinery is associated with her. Yet this area houses nearly the most chasers than any other place. It is possible they are here to either defend Oreko from Sabitsuki, or prevent Rust from reaching Purity.
    • The area with the most chasers is also called Purity, located in the Womb Maze.