Orange Laboratory
Orange Laboratory

The Orange Laboratory (オレンジ) is one of the places that contain an Empty Box.

The player can reach this area through the Orange Maze, and arrive to a seemingly endless stairway. There are two platforms with doorways here, one of them leads back to the maze, another leads further into the Laboratory. There are two orange orbs between them. When the player descends under the first orb, they are teleported to another one and skip the second doorway. When the player tries to ascend, they are teleported below that first orb, skipping the second doorway.

To proceed further, the player has to descend until they step directly under the orb, then turn around and ascend. The doorway on the second platform has orange circles to the left and right of it, and leads to another set of stairs, without any tricks this time.

There is more machinery in the second area, and at the end of it is a big machine that leads the player to what resembles a part of the Orange Maze. When this area is visited by Sabitsuki, there are ghostly versions of Oreko and damaged Sabitsuki. When this area is visited by Rust, only Sabitsuki remains. Oreko turns around to face the player. Sabitsuki occasionally laughs like a Kaibutsu. They cannot be reached and do not react to any effect.

The southern doorway leads back to the previous area. The northern one leads to Purity, the place with an Empty Box. It can only be reached by Rust, however, Sabitsuki is repelled from the door and has her effect deequipped.


Connecting Areas


  • The ghostly Oreko will appear in this area even if she was killed somewhere else.


  • Since Sabitsuki was not seen laughing like a Kaibutsu, but Rust was, this bloody girl might be Rust.


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